What are The Unavoidable Traffic Laws in UK that you Need to Know?

traffic-light-876056_1920Are you on a vocational trip or a holiday trip to UK? What is your duration of stay? OK, are you aware about the various laws of the country that you are going to spend some time? You must be aware about the fact that every country has its rules and regulations that are embedded in the country’s law. Wherever you move around the world, you would face a similar situation and before stepping on the land, you must understand all the laws of the country in detail so that you are on the safe side. For avoiding any inconvenience, you must know all the rules. Visit: Personal injury attorney

Follow the 8 below mentioned road laws for safety

Let’s just have some discussions about the road laws in UK that would be very helpful for you to step on the roads in UK.law-lowercase

  • On which side of the road are you acquainted to drive? Obviously on the right side of the road! But if you have any plan to drive on road in UK then keep in your mind that you have to drive on the left side of the road. Having a habit to drive on the right side it may be troublesome for you, but you need to be kept reminded of the tag “Keep Left”.
  • You must be aware of the traffic signals on road that can be distinguished by the shape and color.
    1. The warning signs are triangular in shape with red borders.
    2. The prohibitive signs are generally within the circles with a red border.
    3. The signs that give positive instructions are within blue circles.
    4. The signs that show the direction on the road are rectangular in shape and can easily be distinguished by the background color. i.e. green for primary routes, white lsfor secondary routes and blue for motorway routes.
  • When you are traveling on the country roads, you can get notified about the sharp bends by the signs and the severity of the bend is indicated by white arrows with a black background. You must remember that more arrows you find the tighter is the bend, and you need to slow down your vehicle.
  • It is compulsory for the adults above 14 years to wear the front and rear seat belts. The driver is completely responsible for the safety of the children in using correct seat belts.
  • You should avoid the tracks that are reserved for buses and taxis unless you need to avoid any stationery vehicle or any other obstruction.
  • At nights headlights must be used with exception on the unrestricted roads having street lights. You can also use the headlamps or the front fog lamps when you feel the reduction in visibility. Remember that flashing the headlight has no legal status in UK like other countries have.traffic-843309_1280
  • If you are approaching on the pedestrian crossings then always be cautious. Never park or overtake any vehicles that are approaching to the crossing.

You need to mark on the road very carefully about the cyclists, moped riders and other motorcyclists as they are not easily visible while riding on road.

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